Paccar MX13 EPA10 Engine Service Manual


Covers: Paccar MX13 EPA10 Diesel Engine (USA)

  • 2010-2012
  • EPA10 emissions engines only – please confirm before purchasing

Type: Service Manual
Language: English
Pages: 1,291
Format: PDF files
File size: 88mb
Features: Searchable, Printable
Compatibility: Windows/Mac Computers

Service bulletins covering mechanical service of 2010, 2011 and 2012 MX13 diesel truck engines. Included are clear and accurate specifications, tech information, instructions and illustrations for inspection, removal/installation, adjustment and disassembly/assembly of engine according to the manufacturer’s standard. The service manual does not include troubleshooting or schematics. Download this manual to your computer and view/print pages for the shop any time.


Systems Overview

  • General
  • Engine basics
  • Cooling system
  • Lubrication system
  • Fuel system
  • Inlet/exhaust system
  • Aux. parts

Basic Assembly

  • adjust valve clearance rocker seat, engine brake
  • check and adjust timing
  • check clearance crankshaft
  • check compression pressure
  • check cylinder head, engine
  • check engine oil consumption
  • check valve clearance
  • repair height cylinder liner, STD
  • replace 1 (one) cylinder liner, STD
  • replace 1 (one) engine piston set
  • replace 1 (one) exhaust valve
  • replace 1 (one) piston ring set
  • replace 1 (one) rocker seat, engine brake
  • replace 12 (twelve) exhaust valve
  • replace 12 (twelve) inlet valve
  • replace 6 (six) cylinder liner, STD
  • replace 6 (six) engine piston set
  • replace 6 (six) exhaust valve lifter
  • replace 6 (six) inlet valve lifter
  • replace 6 (six) piston ring set
  • replace 6 (six) rocker seat, engine brake
  • replace all camshaft bearing
  • replace all valve spring
  • replace all valve stem seal
  • replace all valves
  • replace assembly cylinder head, engine
  • replace camshaft, engine
  • replace crankshaft
  • replace crankshaft gear
  • replace cylinder head gasket, engine
  • replace cylinder head, engine
  • replace expansion plug
  • replace front crankshaft seal ring
  • replace rear engine wiring harness
  • replace solenoid valve, engine brake
  • replace timing vibration damper
  • replace valve cover
  • replace valve cover gasket

Fuel System

  • check fuel pressure
  • clean injector, PMCI
  • drain fuel system
  • replace 1 (one) fuel injection pipe
  • replace 1 (one) injector, PMCI
  • replace 1 (one) pump unit, PMCI
  • replace 6 (six) fuel injection pipe
  • replace 6 (six) injector, PMCI
  • replace 6 (six) pump unit lifter
  • replace 6 (six) pump unit, PMCI
  • replace fuel filter element
  • replace fuel lift pump, manual
  • replace fuel pressure control valve

Lubrication System

  • check crankcase pressure
  • check leakage engine oil cooler
  • check oil pressure with DAVIE
  • check oil pressure with pressure gauge
  • replace centrifugal oil filter element
  • replace crankcase ventilation module
  • replace engine oil cooler
  • replace engine oil heater element
  • replace engine oil pump
  • replace oil filter element
  • replace oil module
  • replace oil temperature sensor
  • replace sealing rubber, oil sump
  • replace steel oil sump
  • replace thermostat, lubricating oil


  • replace idler pulley, poly-V-belt
  • replace left-hand
  • replace poly-V-belt 12PK
  • replace poly-V-belt 7PK
  • replace right-hand
  • replace vibration damper

Air Intake and Exhaust

  • check air leakage
  • check turbocharger with VTG
  • pressure testing
  • replace 6 (six) exhaust manifold gasket
  • replace assembly exhaust bracket
  • replace assembly exhaust manifold, center
  • replace exhaust gasket, turbocharger
  • replace oil pipe, delivery side
  • replace oil return pipe
  • replace turbocharger speed sensor
  • replace turbocharger with VTG
  • replace VTG turbocharger actuator
  • check catalyst, SCR unit
  • check decomposition pipe
  • check dosing valve for DEF
  • clean dosing valve for DEF
  • replace catalyst, SCR
  • replace decomposition pipe
  • replace dosing valve for DEF
  • test dosing valve for DEF
  • replace assembly DPF unit

Flywheel and Housing

  • replace ball bearing, flywheel
  • replace crankshaft seal ring, flywheel housing
  • replace flywheel
  • replace flywheel housing
  • replace starter ring

Air Compressor

  • check capacity two cylinder air compressor
  • check control two cylinder air compressor
  • replace compressor pipe, suction side
  • replace cylinder head, compressor
  • replace two cylinder air compressor

Engine Brake

  • check fuel delivery dosing module, fuel
  • check fuel leakage shut-off valve
  • check leakage dosing module, fuel
  • clean dosing module, fuel
  • replace actuator Back Pressure Valve
  • replace air shut-off valve
  • replace assembly Back Pressure Valve with cobra exhaust pipe
  • replace control valve Back Pressure Valve
  • replace dosing module, fuel
  • replace fuel intake module
  • replace fuel shut-off valve
  • replace pressure sensor, fuel intake module


  • programming electronic control unit, engine management system
  • replace electronic control unit, engine management system
  • replace engine wiring harness J1 A
  • replace engine wiring harness J3 C
  • replace fuel or coolant temperature sensor
  • replace fuel pressure sensor
  • replace humidity sensor
  • replace lambda sensor
  • replace pressure sensor after BPV
  • PMCI-2 block diagram
  • PMCI-2 location information


  • replace starter motor
  • replace steering pump
  • replace tandem pump


  • maintenance schedule
  • perform service A, B, C, D, E, F, G


  • engine operator’s manual
  • aftertreatment operator’s manual

Please note this manual is in downloadable PDF format only. If you have any questions about this product or would like to request sample pages, please contact us and reference the product name or SKU.

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