Paccar MX13 EPA13 Engine Overhaul Workshop Manual

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Covers: Paccar MX13 EPA13 Diesel Engine (USA)
Type: Shop Manual
Language: English
Pages: 186
Format: PDF
File size: 10mb
Features: Searchable, printable
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet/Mobile

The Paccar MX-13 EPA13 shop manual covers the sequence of out-of-chassis engine overhaul of the MX13 EPA2013 diesel truck engine. Included are clear and accurate safety precautions, specifications, instructions, illustrations for inspection, removal/installation, disassembly/assembly and overhaul of basic engine according to the manufacturer’s standard. Download this PDF manual to your computer and view/print pages for the shop any time.

This manual generally covers the basic engine assembly only.

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  • Basic engine component removal and installation
  • Air intake removal and installation
  • Turbocharger removal and installation
  • Cooling system removal and installation
  • Lubrication system removal and installation
  • Belts and pulleys removal and installation
  • Exhaust/EGR system removal and installation
  • Air compressor removal and installation
  • Flywheel removal and installation
  • Mounting engine on stand
  • Engine installation into chassis
  • Draining fluids
  • Filling and bleeding fluids
  • Cleaning and inspection
  • Technical data
  • Service data
  • Tightening torques
  • Special tools

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