New Holland CR960, CR980 Combine Service Manual

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Covers: New Holland CR960, CR980 Combine

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This service manual contains important information for the maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing of the New Holland CR960, CR980 combines. In this manual you will find detailed specifications, illustrations, diagrams and step-by-step procedures to properly service the machine to the manufacturer’s standards. Includes engine service. View this manual on your computer or print off pages as needed.



7.5L New Holland Engine
Tightening Torques
Special Tools
Description and Operation
Engine Overhaul – Introduction
Injection Pump Timing Check
Cylinder Head, Valves and Related Parts
Engine Front Cover and Timing Gears
Oil Pan
Rear Cover Plate
Oil Pump
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Camshaft Bearings
Connecting Rod Bush Replacement
Cylinder Block Overhaul
Cylinder Bore
Sleeving – Boring and Honing
Installing Piston Assembly Into Block
Front Crankshaft Cassette Oil Seal Replacement
Engine Compression Test

Cooling system
Description and Operation
Cooling System
Disassembly and Repair

Remove and replace, 7.5L NH Engine
Engine Removal
Engine Installation

Fuel system, 7.5L NH Engine
Torque Chart
Special Tools
Description and Operation
Bosch P7100 Mechanically Controlled Fuel Injection System
Bosch P7100 Electronically Controlled Fuel Injection System
Fuel Injector Assemblies
Adjustments and Diagnosis
Low Idle and Anti-Surge
Fuel Shutoff Diagnosis
Fuel Prefilter/Water Separator
Fuel Filter/Water Separator
Supply Pump Sedimenter
Bleeding the Fuel System
Component Overhaul
Injection Pump
Fuel Lift Pump
Fuel Shutoff Solenoid
Low Pressure Fuel Injection Lines
High Pressure Fuel Injection Lines
Fuel Injectors
Injector Testing
Injector Overhaul

7.8L, 10.3L Description of operation
Walk Around
The 7
Engine Block and Cylinder Liners
Crankshaft Sealing Rings
Connecting Rods
Timing System
Auxiliary Drive Belt
Oil Filter
Oil Sump
Electronically Controlled Injection System
Pump Injector

Remove and replace, Engine

General Specifications
Fuel System Data
Main Data
Torque Settings
Plan of Tightening Sequence of Screws Securing Sub-Crankcase
Lubrication Diagram
Fuel Supply System Diagram
Mechanical Troubleshooting
Engine – Disassembly and Assembly
Assembling Crankshaft With Main Bearing Caps, Thrust Bearings and Rings,
Crankshaft End Float
Assembling Pistons With Piston Rings, Pins, Connecting Rods, Connecting Rod Caps
and Bearings – Checking Protrusion Over the Top Face of the Crankcase
Fitting and Tightening the Cylinder Head
Fitting Oil Pump, Timing System Intermediate Gears and Gear Box
Engine Flywheel Assembly
Fitting Camshaft
Fitting Injectors – Pump
Fitting Rocker Arm Shaft
Completing the Engine
Assembly Diagram For Fan Drive Belt – Water Pump – Alternator For F2B Engine
Assembly Diagram For Fan Drive Belt – Water Pump – Alternator For F3A Engine
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Crankcase, Cylinder Liners
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Crankshaft, Bearings
Selecting Main and Big End Bearing Shells
Preliminary Appraisal of Data to Make the Selection
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Pistons
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Connecting Rods
Piston Connecting Rod Assembly
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Cylinder Head
Valve Seats On The Head
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Tappets And Camshaft
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Valve Springs, Rocker Arm Shaft and Rocker Arms
Rocker Arms
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Lubrication System
Checks, Measurements and Repairs on the Cooling Circuit
Fuel Supply
Valve Guides
Injector Case
Replacing the Crankshaft Front Cover Seal
Adjusting Clearance Valve of Intake Exhaust Rocker Arms and Pre-Load of
Pump Injector Rocker Arms
Pump Injector – Removal and Refitting
Bleeding the Fuel Supply System
Water Pump

Engine gearbox, Clutch pack Removal/Installation
Special Torque
Special Tool
Labor Guide
Clutch Pack Removal/Installation with the Gearbox Installed

Engine gearbox, Clutch pack rebuild
Main Clutch Disassembly
Main Clutch Assembly
Unload Clutch Disassembly
Unload Clutch Assembly

Engine gearbox, Removal/Installation

Engine gearbox, Rebuild
Gearbox Disassembly
Bearing and Race Removal/Installation
Clutch Cylinder Bushing Removal
Clutch Cylinder Bushing Installation
Gearbox Assembly

Tightening Torques
Gearbox shafts
Shifting diagram
Traction gearbox – removal
Traction gearbox – disassembly
Cover — Removal, Disassembly and assembly
Differential shafts and differential — Removal
Differential shaft — D/A
Selector shaft — Removal
Drive shaft — Removal
Input shaft — Removal
Shifting disc and shifting drive gear – Removal
Differential – D
Drive shaft – D
Input shaft – D
Traction gearbox – Assembly
Shifting disc and shifting drive gear – Installation
Input shaft – Installation
Drive shaft — Installation
Selector shaft — Installation
Differential half shafts and differential — Installation
Cover — Installation

Planetary final drives
Tightening Torques
Gearbox Shafts
Wheel Bolt – Replacement
Planetary Final Drive – Removal/Installation
Planetary Final Drive – Disassembly/Assembly

11/111 Final drives
Tightening Torques
Special Tools
Wheel Bolt — Replacement
Final Drive Removal
Final Drive Assembly
Final Drive Installation

Hydrostatic Drive System Introduction
Hydrostatic Drive Schematic
Explanation of Hydraulic Symbols

Hydrostatic System Operation
Hydrostatic System Operation
Multi Function Valves
Servo Valve
Hydrostatic Drive Motor Valves
Oil Cooler Bypass Valve
Hydrostatic Pump and Drive Motor Identification Numbers
Hydrostatic Pump
Hydrostatic Drive Motor

Filling the Hydrostatic System and Start-up Procedure

Powered Rear Axle
Powered Rear Axle System (PRA)
Equa-Trac II Control Valve
Drain Valve
Powered Rear Axle Motors
Powered Rear Axle Hydraulic Schematic

Pressure Testing and Troubleshooting
Special Tools
Main Hydrostatic System, Pressure Testing
Charge Pressure
Servo Pressure
High Pressure

Hydrostatic Pump and Motor Repair
Main Hydrostatic Pump Removal
Main Hydrostatic Pump Installation
Drive Motor Removal
Drive Motor Installation
Series 90 Hydrostatic System – Minor Repairs
Multi-Function Valve Adjustment
Removing the Multi-Function Valve Cartridge
Installing the Multi-Function Valve
Adjusting the Charge Pressure Relief Valve – Pump
Checking the Charge Pressure Relief Valve – Motor
Removing the Charge Pressure Relief Valve – Pump
Installing the Charge Pressure Relief Valve – Pump
Replacing the Charge Pressure Relief Valve – Motor
Removing the Control Valve
Inspecting the Control Valve
Installing the Control Valve
Removing the Charge Pump
Installing the Charge Pump
Removing the Loop Flushing Valve
Installing the Loop Flushing Valve
Removing the Shaft Seal
Installing the Shaft Seal
Removing the Shaft (Pump and Motor)
Installing the Shaft (Pump and Motor)
Sauer Series 90 Hydrostatic System – Major Repairs

Bolt Torques
Brake Pads – Replacement
Brake Cylinders
Bleeding the Brake System
Brake Caliper and Brake Disc
Parking Brake Caliper
Parking Brake Disc
Parking Brake – Manual Release
Parking Brake Piston Travel and Adjustment
Parking Brake Pads – Replacement
Bleeding the Hydraulic Parking Brake Caliper
Parking Brake Caliper – Disassembly

High Pressure Circuit Diagram, Main
High Pressure Circuit Diagram, Main Frame Stack Valve (NA only)
High Pressure Circuit Diagram, Feeder Stack Valve (NA only)
High Pressure Circuit Diagram, Main Frame Stack Valve (Europe only)
High Pressure Circuit Diagram, Feeder Stack Valve (Europe only)
Low Pressure Circuit Diagram

Description of Operation
Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS) Variable Displacement Pump
Description of Operation
Stack Valves
Low Pressure System

Pressure Testing and Faul Finding — The High and Low pressure hydraulic system
Special Tools
CCLS Hydraulic Pump (High Pressure) Installation
Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Pump (Low Pressure) Installation
Fault Finding
CCLS Pump Low Pressure Standby
CCLS Pump High Pressure Standby
CCLS Pump Load Sensing Circuit Test
CCLS Pump Flow Test
Steering Test
Steering Relief Valve Pressure Test
Chaff Spreader Pressure Test
Low Pressure System Test
Low Pressure Pump Flow Test

Hydraulic Pump
Special Torque
Hydraulic Pump Overhaul

Stack Valve Overhaul
Main Stack Valve
Feeder Stack Valve
Low Pressure Valve Block

Axle, General
Heavy Duty Adjustable Steering Axle (HDASA)
Powered Rear Axle (PRA)
Steering Axle Adjustment
Powered Rear Axle Adjustment
Height Position
Track Width Position

Wheel Bearings
Wheel Bearing Disassembly
Wheel Bearing Repacking
Wheel Bearing Assembly

Steering Pivot
Hub Casting Disassembly
Steering Bushing Replacement
Hub Casting Assembly

Center Section
Center Section Adjustment / Repair

A/C System
Special Tools
Special Torque
A/C Cycle
Testing and Troubleshooting, General
Pressure / Temperature Relationships
Preliminary Troubleshooting and Testing
Preliminary Diagnosis Chart
Test Procedure – Stabilizing the System
A/C System Performance Test and Diagnosis Chart
Gauge Readings and Interpretations
ATC Climate Control System Electrical Troubleshooting

Air Filters
Air Filter Description
Fresh Air Intake Grill Cleaning
Recirculation Air Filter Removal
Recirculation Air Filter Installation
Separator Filter Removal
Separator Filter Installation

Blower Fans
Blower Fans Description
Circulation Fan Removal
Circulation Fan Installation
Separator Fan Removal
Separator Fan Installation
Labor Guide

Compressor Description
Compressor Removal
Compressor Installation
Clutch Removal
Clutch Installation
Labor Guide

Condenser Description
Condenser Removal
Condenser Installation
Labor Guide

Cool Box
Cool Box Description
Cool Box Damper Actuator Removal
Cool Box Damper Actuator Installation
Labor Guide

Evaporator Core Description
Evaporator Core Removal
Evaporator Core Installation
Labor Guide

Heater Core
Heater Core Description
Heater Core Removal
Heater Core Installation
Water Valve Removal
Water Valve Installation
Water Valve Actuator Removal
Water Valve Actuator Installation
Labor Guide

High/Low Pressure Cutout Switch
High / Low Pressure Cutout Switch Description
High Pressure Switch Removal
High Pressure Switch Installation
Low Pressure Switch Removal
Low Pressure Switch Installation
Labor Guide

Receiver / Dryer Description
Receiver / Dryer Troubleshooting (units below SN HAJ100073)
Receiver / Dryer Removal
Receiver / Dryer Installation
Labor Guide

Thermal Expansion Valve
Thermal Expansion Valve Description
Thermal Expansion Valve Removal
Thermal Expansion Valve Installation
Labor Guide

General Information
Description of Operation
Introduction to Troubleshooting
Special Tools
Wiring Harness Repairs
Digital Multi-Meter
Electrical Test Procedures
Circuit Components – Basic Description and Testing
Resistance Devices
Fluid Level Sender
Potentiometer Adjustment
Electromagnetic Devices
PWM Solenoid Valves
Temperature Sensors
Pressure Sender
Speed and Position Sensors
Cab Electrical Connectors X002 and X003
Rear Speaker Panel, Removal
Rear Speaker Panel, Installation
Electronic Modules (CCM’s)
CCM Power and Ground Supplies
Combine Control Module (CCM) Removal and Installation
CCM Identification
Instructional Seat Removal
CCM, Removal
CCM Installation
Software Installation
Instructional Seat Installation

Infoview — Monitor diagnostics
Service Info Menu
Diagnose Info Menu

Electrical schematics
Harness Routing
CR Electrical Schematics Component Index

CAN Data bus network
Can Network
Troubleshooting a Module Offline Alarm
Troubleshooting “A2000 Communication Lost” Alarm
Troubleshooting Leg 1
Troubleshooting Leg 2

Engine systems
Engine Systems
Starting Systems
Starting Systems Electrical Schematics
12V Starting System Circuit Operation
24V Starting System Circuit Operation
Starter Motor Circuit Troubleshooting
Starting System Symptom Chart
Starting System Diagnostic Tests
Charging System
Charging System Electrical Schematics
Charging System Circuit Operation
Charging System Circuit Troubleshooting
Charging System Symptom Chart
Charging System Diagnostic Tests
Grid Heater
Control Modules
Engine-Related Error Codes — Automatic Shutdown
Engine Sensors

Power distribution and lighting
Power Distribution
Fuse/Relay Panel
Fuse/Circuit Chart
Power Distribution System Circuit Operation
Power Distribution Circuit Troubleshooting
Power Distribution Symptom Chart
Lighting Chart
Circuit/Fuse Lighting Chart
Lighting Controls
Lighting Circuit Operation
Hazard Lights Circuit
Marker Lights Circuit
Road Lights — Low Beam
Road Lights — High Beam
Left-Hand Flasher (turn signal) Circuit
Right-Hand Flasher (turn signal) Circuit
Brake Lights Circuit
Beacon Lights Circuit
Front Work Lights Circuit
Rear Work Lights Circuit
Side Work Lights Circuit
Under Shield/Service Lighting
Unload Tube Light Circuit
Grain Tank Light
Flip-Up Lights Circuit
Exterior Lighting System Circuit Troubleshooting
Fuse/Circuit Lighting Chart
Exterior Lighting System Symptom Chart

Cab Systems
Cab Systems
Power Seat System
Power Seat Circuit
Power Seat System Circuit Troubleshooting
Power Seat System Diagnostic Tests
Cab Roof Controls
Wiper/Washer System Circuit Troubleshooting
Wiper/Washer System Symptom Chart
Power Mirror System
Power Mirror Circuit Troubleshooting
Power Mirror System Symptom Chart
Power Mirror System Diagnostic Tests
Horn Circuit
Horn System Circuit Troubleshooting
Horn System Diagnostic Tests
Horn System Circuit Test
Audio System
Audio System Circuit Troubleshooting
Audio System Symptom Chart
Audio System Diagnostic Tests

Hydraulic systems
Gearbox Temperature Sensor
Hydraulic Reservoir Temperature Sensor
Hydraulic Reservoir Level Low Sensor
Gearbox Filter Bypass Switch
Return Filter Bypass Switch
Control Pressure Low Sensor

Driveline systems
Hydrostat Ground Drive
Multi-Function Handle (MFH)
Temperature Control System (TCS)
Hydrostat Ground Drive Alarms
Hydrostat Ground Drive Fault Codes
Hydrostat Ground Drive Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Multifunction Handle (MFH) Components
Right Hand Console – Hydrostat Control
Ground Speed Potentiometer
Audio Alarm
Park Brake
Service Brakes
Service Brake Alarm Codes
Rear Wheel Assist (if equipped)
Rear Wheel Assist Alarms
Rear Wheel Assist Fault Codes
Rear Wheel Assist Switch S10 Troubleshooting

Header systems
Reel Speed
Reel Speed Troubleshooting
Reel Speed Cannot Be Changed in Manual Mode, or Reel Speed Offset
Cannot be Adjusted
Reel Speed Synchronization Cannot Be Engaged, or Will Not Disengage
Reel Position
Reel Positioning Troubleshooting
Reel Will Not Raise or Lower
Reel Will Not Move Fore or Aft
Header Height Control
Header Height Control Troubleshooting
Header Will Not Raise or Lower Manually
Head Will Not Tilt Left or Right
One or More of the Header Height Operating Modes Cannot Be
Engaged or Disengaged

Feeder systems
Feeder Engage
Feeder Engage – Troubleshooting
Feeder Speed (Optional)
Feeder Speed Troubleshooting
Feeder Reverser
Feeder Reverser Troubleshooting
Feeder Reverser will not Engage, or will not Disengage
Feeder Reverser will Engage, but will not Move Forward or Backward
Advanced Stone Protection (ASP) System

Threshing systems
Thresher System
Thresher Alarms
Thresher Errors
Thresher Troubleshooting
“Thresher Will Not Engage”
“Thresher Disengages During Operation”
Rotor Speed
Rotor Speed Alarms
Rotor Speed Errors
Rotor Speed Troubleshooting
“Rotor Speed Will Not Increase or Decrease”
Concave Clearance
Concave Clearance Alarms
Concave Clearance Errors
Concave Clearance Troubleshooting
“Concave Clearance Will Not Increase or Decrease”

Cleaning systems
Self-Leveling Cleaning Shoe
Cleaning Fan Motor
Cleaning System Sensors
Cleaning Fan RPM Sensor
Left Returns RPM Sensor
Clean Grain Elevator RPM Sensor
Right Returns RPM Sensor
Loss Sensors
Sieves Loss Sensor
Remote Sieve Adjust

Clean grain systems
Unload Engage
Fault Codes
Grain Bin Sensors
Fault Codes
Unload Tube Swing
Fault Codes
Grain Bin Covers
Fault Codes

Crop residue
Chopper RPM Sensor B10
Alarm Code Chopper RPM Sensor B10
Error Codes for Chopper RPM Sensor B10
Chaff Spreader Valve Solenoid L28
Alarm Codes for Chaff Spreader Valve Solenoid L28
Error Code for Chaff Spreader Valve Solenoid L28
Spreader Plate Switch S23
Spreader Plate Switch S23 Operation
Spreader Plate Switch S23 Troubleshooting
Spreader Plate Motor M11
Spreader Plate Motor M11 Troubleshooting
Deluxe Residue Management System (if equipped)
Deluxe Residue Management System Troubleshooting

Precision farming
Precision Farming Accuracy
Moisture Sensor
Grain Yield Sensor
Grain Yield Sensor Offset Adjustment
Precision Farming Alarms
Precision Farming Fault Codes
Precision Farming Troubleshooting

Electrical Connectors

CCM Error codes
Engine fault codes
HHC diagnostic codes
ASP fault codes

Feeder house
Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
Special Bolt Torques
Special Tools
Description of Operation
Feeder House
Feeder Drive Chains
Feeder Chain
Front Drum
Polyethylene Roller Bar
Polyethylene Strips
Lateral Float Hydraulic Cylinder
Face Plate
Feeder Floor
Hydraulic Lift Cylinders

Feeder drives
Description of Operation
Primary Feeder Drive
Variable Drive Sheave Hydraulic Cylinder
Torque Sensing Drive Sheave
Cross Shaft and Bearing Replacement (fixed drive)
Cross Shaft and Bearing Replacement (variable drive)
Feeder/Header Drive Clutch
Secondary Drive Belt
Feeder Reverser Gearbox
Feeder Reverser Motor
Feeder Chain Idler
Slip Clutch
Pivot Shaft

Stone Ejection system
Description of Operation
Bottom Sensor Plate
Top Sensor Plate
Stone Ejection System Actuating Cylinder
Stone Door
Skid Plate (inner panel)

Rotor chamber
Description of Operation
Front Infeed
Concave Wear Plate
Rotor Covers
Concave Adjusting Motor
Concave Adjustment Linkage
Concave Frame Adjustment
Separator Grates

Description of Operation
Rotor Removal
Rotor Inspection
Rotor Balancing
Rotor Installation

Main threshing drives
Description of Operation
Drive Belt Removal and Installation (Engine gearbox side)
Main Cross Shaft
Rotor Variable Drive Sheave
Rotor Variable Drive Sheave Hydraulic Cylinder
Torque Sensing Drive Sheave
Rotor Gearboxes
Right Gearbox
Left Rotor Gearbox

Discharge Beater
Discharge Beater Grate
Discharge Beater Drives
Discharge Beater

Cleaning Shoe Frame
Description of Operation
Upper Cleaning Shoe
Grain Pan
Lower Cleaning Shoe
Cleaning Shoe Support Arm Bushings
Connecting Arm Pivot Bushings
Drive and Upper Connecting Arm Bushing
Lower Connecting Arm Bushings
Cleaning Shoe Seals
Leveling Frame – Pivot Bushing
Leveling Frame – Rear Roller
Leveling Frame – Rear Pivot Bearing

Cleaning Shoe Drive
Special Torques
Description of Operation
Upper Gearbox
Lower Gearbox
Eccentric Shaft

Cleaning Fan and Drives
Special Torques
Special Tools
Description of Operation
Variator Drive Belt
Variator Drive Sheave
Outer Sheave Bushings
Variator Driven Sheave
Inner Sheave Bushings
Minimum Fan Speed Adjustment
Maximum Fan Speed Adjustment
Cleaning Fan Assembly
Canvas Seals
Deflector Plate Adjustment
Cleaning Fan Shaft

Returns System
Left Returns Auger
Right Returns Auger (If Equipped)
Returns Auger Safety Clutch
Returns Auger Bearing Replacement

Clean Grain Transport
Clean Grain Cross Auger – Removal/Installation
Grain Elevator – Removal/Installation
Grain Elevator Chain – Removal/Installation
Grain Elevator Upper Shaft – Removal/Installation
Grain Elevator Upper Shaft Adjustment
Grain Flow Sensor Plate Adjustment
Sensitivity of the Moisture Sensor
Bubble-up Gearbox – Removal/Installation
Bubble-up Gearbox – Disassembly/Assembly

Unloading System
Unloading Tube – Removal/Installation
Unloading Drive Belt – Removal/Installation
Unloading Intermediate Shaft – Removal/Installation
Unloading Gearbox – Removal/Installation
Vertical Unloading Auger – Removal/Installation
Unloading Drive Gearbox – Disassembly/Assembly
Unloading Tube Gearbox – Removal/Installation
Unloading Tube Gearbox – Disassembly/Assembly
Grain Tank Bottom Auger – Removal/Installation

Straw Chopper
Belt Replacement/Inspection
Chopper Knives – Replacement
Counter Knives – Replacement
Spreader Hood
Chopper Body
Chopper Rotor
Chop/Drop Baffle

Chaff/Corn spreader
Replacing the Hydraulic Block
Replacing a Hydraulic Motor
Removing the Chaff/Corn Spreader
Installing the Chaff/Corn Spreader

Air Ride Seat
Compressor / Bellows
Shock Absorber
Windshield Wiper Motor
Steering Column
Right Hand Console
Outside Cab Roof Lights

Side Shield
Rear Ladder
Front Ladder

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