John Deere 135C RTS Excavator Diagnostic Manual

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Covers: John Deere 135C RTS Excavator
Type: Diagnostic Manual
Language: English
Pages: 464
Format: PDF
File size: 19mb
Features: Bookmarked, searchable, printable
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This manual contains important diagnostic information for the Deere 135C RTS excavator. In this manual you will find detailed theory of operation information, test procedures, illustrations and diagrams to aid with properly diagnosing the machine according to the manufacturer’s standards. Mechanical repair manual sold separately.


Operational Checks

  • Key Switch On, Engine Off Checks
  • Engine On Checks


  • Theory of Operation
  • Engine Component Location
  • Engine Fuel System Operation
  • Engine Cooling System Operation
  • Engine Lubrication System Operation
  • Engine Intake and Exhaust System Operation
  • Engine Turbocharger Operation
  • Engine Speed Control System
  • Diagnose Engine Malfunctions
  • Engine Speed Test and Adjustment
  • Engine Learning Procedure
  • Fuel Injection Nozzle Check and Adjust
  • Check and Adjust Injection Pump Timing
  • Check and Adjust Fan Belt Tension
  • Check and Adjust Engine Valve Lash (Clearance)
  • Engine Compression Pressure Test
  • Air Filter Restriction Indicator Switch Test
  • Fuel Line Leakage Test
  • Check for Head Gasket Failures
  • Engine Power Test Using Turbocharger Boost Pressure
  • Engine Oil Pressure Test

Electrical System

  • System Diagrams
  • Wiring Schematic
  • Component Locations
  • Harness Information
  • Starting and Charging Circuit Theory of Operation
  • Monitor Controller and Display Circuit Theory of Operation
  • Pump and Valve Controller Circuit Theory of Operation
  • Engine Control Circuit Theory of Operation
  • Propel Alarm Circuit Theory of Operation
  • Windshield Wiper and Washer
  • Circuit Theory of Operation
  • DTC Code Troubleshooting
  • Fuse Test
  • Relay Test
  • Pressure Sensor Test
  • Engine Control (EC) Sensor/Motor Test
  • Speed Sensor Test
  • Solenoid Test
  • Temperature Sensor Test
  • Electrical Component Checks
  • Component Checks


  • Theory of Operation
  • Track Adjuster and Recoil Spring
  • Propel Gearbox Operation
  • Diagnose Undercarriage Components Malfunctions
  • Measure Swing Bearing Wear

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic System Operation
  • Hydraulic Component Description
  • Hydraulic Circuit Diagrams
  • Diagnose Hydraulic System Malfunctions
  • Diagnose Pilot Circuit Malfunctions
  • Diagnose Dig Circuit Malfunctions
  • Diagnose Swing Circuit Malfunctions
  • Diagnose Propel System Malfunctions
  • Control Valve and Solenoid Valve Manifold Line Identification
  • Swing Motor Line Identification
  • Hydraulic Pump 1, Hydraulic Pump 2, and Pilot Pump Line Identification
  • Propel Hydraulic System Line Identification
  • Pilot Controllers-to-Pilot Signal Manifold Line Connection—Excavator and Backhoe Patterns
  • Pilot Signal Manifold-to-Control Valve Line Connection
  • Blade Hydraulic System Line Connection
  • JT05801 Clamp-On Electronic Tachometer Installation
  • JT05800 Digital Thermometer Installation
  • JT02156A Digital Pressure/Temperature Analyzer
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter Inspection Procedure
  • Hydraulic Oil Cleanup Procedure Using Portable Filter Caddy.
  • Hydraulic System Warm-Up Procedure
  • Cylinder Drift Test—Arm, Boom, Bucket and Blade
  • Pilot Pressure Regulating Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Control Valve Spool Actuating Pilot Pressure Test
  • System Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Circuit Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Blade System Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Blade Circuit Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Swing Motor Crossover Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Propel Motor Crossover Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Propel Speed and Arm Regenerative Solenoid Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Hydraulic Pump Regulator Test and Adjustment
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow Test
  • Swing Motor Leakage Test
  • Propel Motor Leakage Test

Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Air Conditioning System Cycle Of Operation
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Tests

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