Iveco F3DE3684, F3DFA613, F3DFE613 12.9L Tier 4A Engine Service Manual


Covers: Iveco/CNH F3DE3684, F3DFA613, F3DFE613 12.9L twin-stage turbo diesel engine

  • Tier 4A

Type: Service Manual
Language: English
Pages: 255
Format: PDF
File size: 27mb
Features: Bookmarked, searchable, printable
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet/Mobile

The Iveco F3DE3684, F3DFA613 and F3DFE613 12.9L engine service manual contains important technical data, functional data and service procedures for the engine. This manual is the same used by professional diesel technicians and is a complete reference for overhauling and mechanical servicing of the engine according to the manufacturer’s standards. Available in downloadable PDF format which can be viewed on your computer or tablet and is printable.

Latest edition, 2011.

Complete model list:

  • F3DE3684A*E001 / F3DE3684A*E002 / F3DE3684B*E001 / F3DE3684B*E002
  • F3DFA613A*E001 / F3DFA613A*E002 / F3DFA613B*E001 / F3DFA613B*E002
  • F3DFE613A*A001 / F3DFE613A*A002 / F3DFE613B*A001 / F3DFE613B*A002


  • Engine Specifications and Data
  • Engine Systems Overview
  • Engine Service
  • Valve Drive
  • Auxiliary Drive
  • Crankshaft
  • Timing Gear
  • Connecting Rod and Piston
  • Flywheel Housing
  • Flywheel
  • Vibration Damper
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head
  • Valve Cover
  • Engine Mount
  • Engine Control Module
  • Engine Troubleshooting Charts
  • Alternator

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