John Deere 5225, 5325, 5425, 5525, 5625, 5603, 5083E, 5093E, 5101E Tractor Troubleshooting Manual

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Covers: Deere 5225, 5325, 5425, 5525, 5625, 5603, 5083E Limited, 5093E Limited, 5101E Limited Tractor

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Type: Troubleshooting Manual
Language: English
Pages: 1,349
Format: PDF
File size: 39mb
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This troubleshooting manual contains important diagnostic information for the Deere 5225, 5325, 5425, 5525, 5625, 5603, 5083E, 5093E, 5101E tractor. In this manual you will find detailed operating and test procedures to aid with properly troubleshooting the machine according to the manufacturer’s standards. Mechanical service manual, engine service manual and fuel system service manual sold separately.

2010 publication.


  • General Information
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Observable Symptom Diagnostics
  • System Diagnosis
  • Engine Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Fuel & Air Theory of Operation
  • Electrical Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Schematics and Connector Diagrams
  • Control Unit Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Transmission Tests, Adjustments, Operation, Schematics
  • Drive Systems Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Steering and Brakes Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Hydraulic Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Operator’s Station Tests, Adjustments, Operation
  • Diagnostic Tools

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