Deere 204K, 304K Wheel Loader Service Manual

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Covers: Deere 204K, 304K Wheel Loader

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Publication dated 2015. This service manual contains important information for the maintenance and servicing of Deere 204K and 304K wheel loaders. In this manual you will find detailed specifications, illustrations, diagrams and step-by-step procedures to properly service (removal and installation) the machine to the manufacturer’s standards. Torque values and special tool use are provided where applicable.

Engine repair, electrical/troubleshooting and other manuals sold separately.


General Information

  • Safety Information
  • Torque Values


  • Wheel Remove and Install
  • Tire Remove and Install

Axles and Suspension Systems

  • Front/Rear Axles
  • Driveshaft
  • Rear Axle Reduction Gear Case


  • Hydrostatic Components Removal and Installation
  • Hydrostatic Pump/Motor Repair

Engine Removal and Installation

  • Engine Remove and Install
  • Starter Motor Remove and Install
  • Note: Engine Repair Sold Separately (4TNV98 Diesel Engines—Interim Tier 4/Stage III B

Engine Auxiliary Systems

  • Fan Remove and Install
  • Cooling Package Remove and Install
  • Air Intake System Remove and Install
  • Muffler Remove and Install
  • Fuel Tank Remove and Install

Damper Drive

  • Damper Plate Remove and Install

Steering System Hydraulics

  • Orbital Steering Valve Remove and Install
  • Orbital Steering Valve Disassemble and Inspect
  • Orbital Steering Valve Assemble
  • Canopy Steering Column Remove and Install
  • Cab Steering Column Remove and Install
  • Steering Cylinder Remove and Install
  • Steering Cylinder Disassemble and Assemble

Service Brakes

  • Drum Brake Remove and Install
  • Service Brakes (Wet Disc) Remove and Install
  • Brake/Inching Valve Assembly Remove and Install
  • Drum Brake Bleed

Park Brake Hydraulic System

  • Park Brake Valve Remove and Install

Frame or Supporting Structure

  • Frame Installation
  • Bushings
  • Counterweight

Operator’s Station

  • Cab/Canopy Removal and Installation
  • Windowpanes and Wipers
  • Seat Remove and Install
  • Heating and Air Conditioning System

Sheet Metal and Styling

  • Hood Remove and Install
  • Rear Fenders Remove and Install

Main Hydraulic System

  • General Hydraulic Oil Cleanup Procedure
  • Hydraulic Component Failure Cleanup Procedure
  • Hydraulic Pump/Priority Valve Remove and Install
  • Hydraulic Pump/Priority Valve Disassemble and Assemble
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Remove and Install
  • Hydraulic Start-Up Procedure


  • Bucket
  • Attachment Coupler
  • Frames
  • Hydraulic System

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