Deere 17G Excavator Troubleshooting Manual

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Covers: John Deere 17G excavator

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Type: Troubleshooting/Diagnostic Manual
Language: English
Pages: 295
Format: PDF
File size: 9mb
Features: Bookmarked, searchable, printable
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet/Mobile

This manual contains important troubleshooting information and diagnostics procedures for the Deere 17G excavator. In this manual you will find detailed theory of operation information, test procedures, diagnostic codes, illustrations and schematics to aid with properly troubleshooting the excavator according to the manufacturer’s standards. A bookmarks panel is included for quickly navigating the PDF manual.

2015 edition. Excavator mechanical service manual and engine/fuel repair manuals sold separately.


  • Operational Checks
  • Engine Valve Lash (Clearance) Check and Adjustment
  • Engine Speed Check
  • Engine Speed Control Lever and Cable Adjustment
  • Electrical System Wiring Diagrams
  • Electrical System Theory of Operation
  • Electrical Reference and Test Data
  • Track Adjuster and Recoil Spring
  • Travel Gear Case Operation Noisy or Loose Track Chain
  • Tight Track Chain
  • Frequent Track Chain Sag Adjustment Required
  • Excessive Oil Leakage From Front Idler, Track Rollers, or Carrier Rollers
  • “Popping” of Track
  • Individual Undercarriage Component Wear
  • Measure Swing Bearing Wear
  • Hydraulic System Circuit Diagrams / Schematics
  • Hydraulic System Theory of Operation
  • All Hydraulic Functions Slow
  • Hydraulic Oil Overheats
  • No Hydraulic Functions
  • Function Does Not Stop When Control Lever Released
  • Load Drifts Down When Control Lever is in Neutral Position
  • Load Falls When Control Valve is Actuated to Raise Load
  • Boom Raise Function Slow
  • Swing Function Does Not Operate in Both Directions
  • Swing Speed Slow in Both Directions
    Swing Speed Slow or Does Not Operate in One Direction
  • Track Will Not Move in Either Direction
  • Machine Mistracks
  • Machine Will Not Shift Into Fast (Rabbit) Speed
  • Blade Does Not Move or Moves Slowly
  • Swing Boom Does Not Move or Moves Slowly
  • Side Frame Does Not Move or Moves Slowly
  • Hydraulic System Component Location
  • Hydraulic System Pilot Line Connections
  • Hydraulic System Line Connections
  • Blade Hydraulic System Line Connections
  • Travel Hydraulic System Line Connections
  • Hydraulic System Test Procedures
  • General Hydraulic Oil Cleanup Procedure
  • Hydraulic Component Failure Cleanup Procedure
  • JT05800 Digital Thermometer Installation
  • JT02156A Digital Pressure and Temperature Analyzer
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Pressure Release Procedure
  • Hydraulic System Warm-Up Procedure
  • Pilot Pressure Regulating Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Control Valve Spool Pilot Actuating Pressure Test
  • Hydraulic Pump 1, 2, and 3Main Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Circuit Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Swing Motor Crossover Relief
  • Valve Test and Adjustment
  • Hydraulic Pump 1 and 2 Flow Test
  • Hydraulic Pump 3 Flow Test
  • Swing Motor Leakage Test
  • Travel Motor Leakage Test
  • Cylinder Drift Test—Boom, Arm, Bucket, and Blade

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